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Séura CMS-Backed Online Experience

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The Challenge

Séura, an award-winning manufacturer of SMART Mirrors, TV Mirrors, Waterproof Televisions, Outdoor Televisions, and Lighted Mirrors, has been on a mission to “create the perfect harmony of technology and design” since 2003. While its innovative products and customer-centric business approach differentiate the company from the competition, the Séura team struggled to communicate their competitive advantage to prospective buyers and portray themselves as a luxury category leader. To help, they sought to create a new digital presence that would deliver a fresh brand experience and compel potential customers to engage with their products.

The Solution

Séura enlisted Nansen to help them transform their web presence by creating a strong brand statement and a new way for customers to experience their unique products. To successfully repurpose the schematics of Séura’s industrial design and seamlessly bridge the gap between art and technology, Nansen tackled the project in three phases: Voice, Look, and Feel.

The Voice

In the Voice phase, Nansen team members workshopped directly with those responsible for advancing Séura’s mission. Everyone from company founders to technicians on the shop floor weighed in on what truly drives them. From their candid input, Nansen compiled a complete voice guide outlining everything from the company’s brand purpose to value propositions, tone of voice, and more.

The Look

Next, the team collaborated on the look and feel of the updated brand. Various photography styles were employed to place users in the center of the Séura experience. Realistic icons were developed to indicate the precision of the products and design. And to keep the focus on the design of Séura’s innovative products, the use of color was kept to a minimum.

Séura products make physical spaces more beautiful, so we wanted the website to have the same elegance and attention to detail. Joseph Muller, UI Developer

The Feel

In the final phase, the Nansen team worked to match Séura’s online experience to the effortless experience of using Séura’s products live. Using animations and morphing, they successfully portrayed the awe-inducing nature of Séura’s products and the engineering behind them.

The Results

The new Séura.com successfully captures the essence of an industry-leading designer brand while providing effortless product discovery through intuitive, user-centric design. In just two weeks post-launch, the updated website saw a 47% increase in submissions and a 60% improvement in conversion rate, compared to the previous site’s three-month average.

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