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Nansen Careers

Our teams shape the work we do at Nansen.

Projects are considered based on the skillsets and interests of our people to allow our company and you to evolve over time.

Writing notesDiscussions in a meetingDiscussions in a meeting.

A Long Tenure Together

Most of us have been together for nearly a decade. That means we operate with very little friction and high efficiency. This avoids confusion–massively important in tech–and enables ideation.

Discussions in a meeting.

High Client Retention

There’s nothing more satisfying than helping a client succeed, then taking on the next challenge together. Most of our clients are with us for 5 years or more.

Meeting Meeting

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Experienced Optimizely .Net Developer

Experienced Optimizely .Net Developer

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Mid-level UI Developer

Mid-level UI Developer

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Our Amazing Benefits

Our Scandinavian roots taught us the value of well cared for employees. At Nansen, you will receive the perks and benefits that all employees deserve to live their best lives outside of the office.

Unmatched Insurance

We will pay up to 100% of health, vision, and dental insurance costs for you as well as your dependents.

401k Retirement Match

We match up to 4% of 401k contributions.

25 Vacation Days

Up to 25 days off every year, plus 13 company holidays. We encourage everyone to take time to relax and recharge .

Flexible Schedule

Everyone has a life outside of work. It's no problem if you need to be out of the office from for doctors, dog walkers, or repair people.

Monthly Lunches

Once a month, we treat everyone to a company lunch at one of Chicago's local restaurants.

Free Phone

We provide you with a company-paid phone and phone plan.

Coffee and Beer

Pick you poison to keep you going or to celebrate after a successful week.

Commuter Benefits

We offer pre-tax dollars to be put towards public transit and parking.

Unlimited Snacks

We supply daily breakfast and keep the kitchen well stocked with snacks.

Each year we arrange NAPC – Nansen Awesome and Premium Conference. A conference for our team to connect, learn new things and solve problems together.

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At Nansen, we’re proud of our commitment to company culture. We want every team member to love working at Nansen and to derive multiple kinds of value from their role within our growing company. No one knew for sure what bringing back NAPC would look like this year, but we had an inkling that it would deliver just the kind of results that it did: inspiration, education, innovation, connection, collaboration, and more. We’re already excited to start planning the 2023 event.

In late June 2022, our team checked into Hotel Zachary in Chicago, right across the street from Wrigley Field. While the Cubs weren’t in town that weekend, the milieu delivered the perfect mix of energy and Chicago pride. That first day of being together as one big group was electric, one of the very best parts of the entire NAPC. We had a great dinner at Swift & Sons, followed by some drinks, with an exclusive focus on connecting and reconnecting with our amazing team.

  • Voted Best Big City in the US by Condé Nast
  • Award-winning Resturants
  • Nation's second largest public transportation
  • Perfect location for quick flights across the US

Located in the best city in the country.

Chicago is the most vibrant food, tech and culture hub in the nation.









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