Powersports Dealers Get Faster, Easier Ordering with Wholesaler’s New E-Commerce Experience

Recognizing that their stellar customer service wasn’t translating to a seamless online experience, a renowned Powersports wholesaler joined forces with Nansen to revamp their B2B platform. The existing platform wasn’t meeting the needs of dealers, hindering the ordering process. By prioritizing user needs and gathering deep customer insights, Nansen developed a new and improved B2B portal, ensuring a smoother ordering experience and positioning the wholesaler for continued success and a reputation for innovation.

Operational Efficiency
Experience-led Growth

The Challenge

A leading Powersports wholesaler recognized for its top-notch customer service realized its online platform wasn’t keeping pace with evolving customer needs. While the B2B portal drove sales, its complexity created training hurdles for dealers and hampered operational efficiency. Recognizing a shift in the Powersports buyer demographic, the company sought to revamp the platform to attract a new generation of online buyers and broaden its customer base.

The Process

A new IT team presented a unique challenge: rebuilding, enhancing, and replicating the platform without access to the existing code. Nansen tackled this by prioritizing a deep understanding of the Powersports dealer base. Comprehensive engagement with a diverse group of dealers revealed valuable insights into user preferences and workflows and an opportunity to simplify product information management for a frictionless dealer experience.

The Solution

Understanding dealer needs led to a complete overhaul of the B2B portal experience. Nansen swapped the company’s clunky ERP system for the user-friendly Episerver Commerce platform, tightly integrated with a powerful Product Information Management (PIM) solution. This streamlined approach ensured clear and easily accessible product information, a significant pain point for dealers.

To cater to the diverse needs of four user generations, Nansen designed an intuitive website that was easy to navigate for everyone, regardless of technical expertise or business background. Recognizing the importance of a smooth transition, they implemented a phased launch strategy. Target audiences were segmented based on geography and purchase volume, ensuring a tailored onboarding experience. Engaging internal and external activation programs, including videos and training materials, further simplified the shift to the new platform.

In the client's own words

We asked Nansen to re-imagine what TRDealer could do for this company because we know that digital is the next frontier of growth for Tucker Rocky and our dealers

Dawn Zassick, Senior Director of Marketing

The Result

The new B2B portal has been well-received by all customer segments, leading to measurable improvements. Thanks to the platform’s user-friendliness and streamlined product information, dealers are converting at a higher rate, placing larger orders, and driving increased revenue for the wholesaler.

Internally, the benefits are remarkable. The new product launch process has been accelerated, significantly boosting the efficiency of the wholesaler’s marketing team. Product catalog production time has been reduced from 11 months to just two—a major achievement. Moreover, the Episerver platform provides a robust foundation for ongoing optimization and expansion, ensuring the B2B portal remains a valuable tool for dealers as the company embraces future innovation.


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