Kingpin Tattoo Supply Boosts Conversion Rate by 3% With Elevated Search Experience

Kingpin Tattoo Supply’s search tool was contributing to low conversion rates and hurting their sales. The company partnered with Nansen to implement Klevu, an AI-powered search engine, resulting in a nearly 3% conversion rate increase. Faster product discovery contributed to happier customers and more revenue for Kingpin.

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The Impact







The Challenge

Kingpin Tattoo Supply (Kingpin), part of the Nexus Brands Group and a top online retailer for tattoo, piercing, and medical supplies, aimed to boost conversions and fuel e-commerce growth. But the company’s website wasn’t delivering, hindering their ability to reach their goals. Kingpin suspected their product search tool might be the culprit, making it difficult for customers to find what they needed.

The Process

Kingpin knew even a small bump in conversion rate (1-2%) would justify the investment in improving their search tool. They partnered with Nansen, a global customer experience agency, to tackle the challenge.

Nansen’s analysis confirmed Kingpin’s hunch: their search tool was underperforming. With a conversion rate of just 23.29% for search users, there was significant room for improvement.

Leveraging data, not guesses, the partnership aimed to optimize the search experience for high-intent customers, boosting conversions for those actively seeking products on Kingpin’s website.

The Solution

Nansen identified key upgrades to transform Kingpin’s search experience. They implemented Klevu, an AI-powered discovery engine, on top of the Optimizely CMS to elevate search functionality and create a smoother digital journey.

The new technology offered several benefits, including:

  • Personalized Search: Returning customers see their past searches, streamlining product discovery.
  • Smart Autocomplete: As users type, relevant suggestions like popular brands (e.g., “Solid Ink” for “solid”) appear, speeding up the search process.
  • Highly Relevant Results: Searches like “solid” prioritize Solid Ink products, ensuring users find what they need quickly and efficiently.

In the client's own words

“Within a week, the new search feature was ready for testing, allowing us to swiftly validate our assumptions and realize rapid ROI.”

The Result

Kingpin’s revamped search tool connected customers to their desired products faster, resulting in a smoother customer experience (CX) and an immediate 3% conversion rate increase. This surpassed Kingpin’s initial target of 1-2%, driving even higher sales and revenue than expected.


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Our Contribution

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