Financial Services Firm Prioritizes User Experience With New Company Intranet

Financial services firm Symetra partnered with Nansen to choose between a B2B portal and an intranet rebuild. Leveraging workshops and design sprints, Nansen identified the intranet project as the path to greater ROI. Streamlined workflows and resource allocation through the revamped intranet are expected to boost efficiency, effectiveness, and ultimately, business results and partner engagement.

Experience-led Growth
Operational Efficiency
Design Sprint

The Challenge

Financial services firm Symetra grappled with its next digital priority: an external B2B portal to boost broker engagement and mindshare or an internal intranet rebuild to enhance user experience and cost savings. Nansen was brought in to evaluate both options and determine the project with the highest ROI.

The Process

Aiming for a win-win, Nansen recommended an experience-led growth (ELG) strategy that caters to both internal and external users. ELG prioritizes understanding user needs and crafting solutions that resonate. Through iterative design based on user feedback, ELG ensures a positive and satisfying experience for all.

The Solution

Nansen collaborated with Symetra to refine the company’s digital experience. Through an Innovation Lab, the team conducted an in-depth analysis of the Intranet. This included discussions with stakeholders to pinpoint user needs and challenges. By creating employee journey maps, Nansen visualized user flows and designed an optimal site structure to address them.

Next, they focused on the B2B portal. Nansen facilitated a week-long Design Sprint, an intensive session that rapidly gathered stakeholder input. This input was used to build a prototype of the proposed portal, which was then shared with stakeholders for feedback. This collaborative approach ensured the design aligned with user expectations and addressed the key challenges identified.

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The Result

By analyzing workshop deliverables, Nansen identified the intranet as the project with the highest ROI. This insight saved Symetra a costly 8-10 month development cycle for a solution that might not have met the company’s needs.

Nansen then designed the information architecture for the new intranet, ensuring it aligned with stakeholder expectations. Ongoing usage and activity measurement will help the team further optimize the platform.

Nansen’s experience-led approach not only saved time, money, and resources, but also allowed Symetra to reprioritize digital initiatives for lower risk and maximum return. The improved intranet is expected to boost employee efficiency, effectiveness, and engagement, ultimately leading to better partner relationships, higher job satisfaction, and stronger business outcomes.


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