OREO celebrates the release of its limited edition cookies with a new augmented reality (AR) experience

While developing The Stuf Inside promotion, OREO sought new and innovative ways to delight and engage a broad range of users across North America.

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The Challenge

To celebrate its limited edition Most Stuf OREO cookie, OREO launched The Stuf Inside, a prize-filled 30-day campaign taking the experience of twisting open an OREO cookie digital. OREO tasked North Kingdom, a global experience design studio, with creating the vision for its latest North American sweepstakes. The studio enlisted Nansen to develop the tech required to make the campaign successful.

The Process

Together, the North Kingdom and Nansen teams created a fun and simplistic augmented reality experience where anyone could scan their edible cookie to unlock a virtual OREO. A quick swipe of the screen would twist open the virtual cookie to reveal "the stuf inside," showing users whether or not they won the prize of the day — anything from an OREO cookie jar to a limited edition OREO Jeep Wrangler.

The Solution

"People love playing with OREO — from finding new ways to interact with the brand, to dunking their cookies, and dreaming up their own unique flavor ideas — we love to find new ways to share that playful spirit with our fans," said Justin Parnell, Senior Director, OREO brand. "The Stuf Inside" promotion uses technology to give fans a new, fun way to engage with OREO by scanning an OREO cookie to unlock a playful virtual experience with deliciously unexpected prizes."

To support the campaign, Nansen:- Built and delivered a backend that could talk to various APIs and communicate information back to the front-end- Implemented the code required to install the campaign website as a web application on iPhone and Android devices- Enhanced site performance and accelerated the time it took to scan cookies- Managed hosting on Microsoft Azure to ensure the site could scale up during Super Bowl traffic spikes.

In the client's own words

The Result

Nansen leveraged image recognition technology to recreate the "twist, lick, and dunk" experience OREO fans know and love as an exciting, next-generation digital experience anyone could participate in.

The sweepstakes spanned 30-days, concluding fittingly on National OREO day.


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