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The DXP Difference: Examples of Websites Built with Optimizely

Nansen and Optimizely go way back. Our two companies have grown together, both founded in Sweden and moving to the US at the same time. We’re proud that Nansen is a Silver Optimizely Partner, with vast expertise in their tools across our team.

Following the merger of Optimizely and Episerver, we’ve written about how Optimizely stacks up against its competitors, what it unveiled at its latest big customer event, and more. But the best argument for the impact that Optimizely can have on brands looking to deliver great customer experiences is looking at Optimizely-powered websites themselves.

Below, check out a diverse set of sites and features made possible by Optimizely’s game-changing orchestrate, monetize, and experiment tools.

Teledyne FLIR

FLIR Systems is the world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of thermal imaging infrared cameras. With 3,000+ products that save lives and protect livelihoods, FLIR is a complex multinational corporation. Through a partnership with Nansen, FLIR leveraged Optimizely tools to elevate its online brand and create a streamlined, guided exploration of products for website visitors. Optimizely’s personalization tools helped FLIR design a more succinct layout tailored to its customers. As a result, FLIR saw a 51% decrease in product page bounce rate, and a 10% decrease in bounce rate on the website overall.

LOSSAN Pacific Surfliner

The LOSSAN Pacific Surfliner travels along a 351-mile coastal rail route in California, serving 27 stations. It is the busiest state-supported intercity passenger rail route in the United States, with 26 daily trains and annual ridership of nearly 3 million. Before redesigning its website with Optimizely tools, the Pacific Surfliner offered customers a functional but not personal or engaging online experience. Aiming to strike a balance between making bookings simple and delivering a visually beautiful user journey, the Nansen team used Optimizely tools to create personalized content for passengers, deliver intuitive travel suggestions, and capture user data so that LOSSAN can continue to evolve its platforms to serve the customers of tomorrow.

Kingpin Tattoo Supply

Kingpin Tattoo Supply, part of the Nexus Brands Group, is a leading e-commerce destination for professional tattoo, piercing, and medical equipment. Its powerful website is built on Optimizely, which allows the Kingpin team to continuously analyze and elevate its user flow and overall digital customer experience. Nansen and Kingpin recently teamed up to upgrade the website search functionality for Kingpin customers, improving the relevance of results and delivering increased personalization based on the user’s past searches. This critical project was all possible thanks to the powerful Optimizely CMS on which the Kingpin e-commerce platform rests.


The fishing tools and apparel specialists at Lew’s have been providing innovative products to avid outdoorsmen and women for decades. Now part of the Rather Outdoors family of brands, Lew’s engages its customers online with a multifaceted website built on Optimizely. Even with a vast number of product types and SKUs, Optimizely’s CMS makes digital shopping experience fast and intuitive. Plus, a sign-in option allows regular visitors to the Lew’s site to enjoy a fully personalized experience across its main website sections: Shop, Learn, Media, and Service.

Advanced Energy Industries

Advanced Energy designs and manufactures power conversion, measurement, and control solutions, with a focus on technology customers and “mission-critical applications and processes.” Its website provides a great example of how Optimizely CMS can help brands deliver inviting, seamless customer experiences by streamlining even the most complex and extensive product portfolios. The Advanced Energy site’s e-commerce section is organized into 10 categories of products, and most of those categories include a dozen or more individual items. The browsing experience is nevertheless clean and easy to understand, with quality images and descriptions for every product. In addition to e-commerce, the Advanced Energy site offers visitors deep and rich content to underpin its brand authority, like Solutions by Industry, Services & Support, and Resources.

Road Scholar

The non-profit organization Road Scholar offers 5,500 “experiential learning” adventures in 150 countries and all 50 U.S. states, with more than 100,000 participants per year. Designed to both engage interested travelers and serve existing Road Scholar customers, its website focuses heavily on in-depth content about the joys of world travel. Leveraging Optimizely’s suite of content and commerce tools, Road Scholar allows visitors to search for, explore, and book the “adventures” it offers with great precision. A user sign-in option, prominent at the top of the homepage, allows current participants to access their Account details in a personalized version of the site.


Electrolux is a designer and manufacturer of innovative electronics for the home, from refrigerators to air purifiers and more. With an elevated brand story focused on sustainability and “reinventing taste, care and wellbeing experiences,” Electrolux’s Optimizely-powered website is elegantly designed to position its products as key to a particular, aspirational lifestyle. The site promotes e-commerce activity in a number of ways, but offers nearly equal prominence to content underpinning its brand reputation, including Sustainability and Better Living categories and an Owner Resources section through which current customers can sign in for a personalized experience.

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