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How to Run an Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Audit

At Nansen, we believe that a website is never “done.” Markets, technology, and above all consumers themselves are constantly evolving—to keep up, digital platforms should be assessed and updated at least every couple of years.

Opportunity: Improve the conversion rate of your website on an ongoing basis


At Nansen, we believe that a website is never “done.” Markets, technology, and above all consumers themselves are constantly evolving—to keep up, digital platforms should be assessed and updated at least every couple of years. Don’t be like the 72% of organizations that admit to missing growth opportunities because they didn’t take the time to look for them. 


When assessing the performance of your website, the conversion of visitors to leads and leads to customers is, of course, the ultimate measure success. If you sense that your site is not accomplishing that objective, improving its performance should be among your very top priorities.


Digitally mature companies develop technology platforms for their customers that are both seamless and sustainable, compelling, and scalable. These firms ensure that the most important steps on the digital customer journey are rigorously optimized, asking questions, testing assumptions, and adjusting pages as needed.


Does your company have a practice for website optimization? Are you wondering if the design of your core pages could perform better?


Undergoing digital transformation requires taking a hard look at the analytics of your most important platforms, with a particular eye on conversion rate optimization (CRO). Diving into analytics will help you keep your website optimized in a number of ways. Of course, you’ll be able to identify issues with your current conversion process. But you’ll also better understand how to maintain your CRO even as you make changes to your site.



Workshop / Process:

The best approach to conversion rate optimization is a multidisciplinary one. Our CRO workshop mixes analytics, user experience (UX), content strategy, copywriting, and conversion-centric design principles to uncover opportunities for a better-converting website, resulting in large gains in web revenue (or other goals) that increase the profitability of all your digital channels.



The process consists of several key milestones.

The first step is to audit the platform in question for conversion success. These audits involve detailed analysis of the factors on your site that affect conversion rate: analytics data, visual design, messaging, content clarity and effectiveness, UX, and emotional and psychological factors influencing the conversion decision. 


Next, testing plans need to be developed. Based on the audit, test plans can be prioritized by traffic numbers and conversion importance, so that high-impact areas are addressed first.


The third step is doing AB and multivariate testing. Using platforms like Optimizely, AB Tasty, VWO, and Adobe Target and integrating with analytics tools like Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, and Mixpanel, this testing provides data upon which changes to your website will be based. 



Finally, the results of the tests should be compiled into an accessible report that measures and optimizes against the pre-set KPIs and OKRs.



How a CRO Workshop Helps

One of our eCommerce clients was struggling with a significant drop-off among customers on their website: they were getting website visitors, but not the number of sales they would expect from those customers. Losing these high-intent shoppers was a major missed opportunity that this client team needed to address.


So we sat down together and dove into their website analytics. What the data told us was many users were arriving on their site and using the search tool, but then bouncing. Clearly, their website was not matching these shoppers with the products they were looking for. This was an urgent problem to solve, and one that we felt we could address without requiring the client to pause all operations while we completely redid their website.


Instead, based on the analytics we explored in the CRO workshop, we introduced a new product discovery and personalization platform to their site. This tool used AI and machine learning to recommended products and categories for different users based on their history. Testing showed us that this incremental step helped significantly elevate our clients’ website and CX, to the tune of a 7% increase in conversion through search.


Pursue crucial yet attainable innovation on your website. Talk to us about doing an Analytics and CRO Workshop with Nansen.

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