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Figma vs Sketch: Which Design Tool Reigns Supreme?

Throughout the years there have been many design tools available on the market, and new ones are constantly emerging as technology and design practices evolve, new tools and methods may emerge that offer benefits from one tool to another. If a competing tool gains significant traction and offers compelling features that one lacks, it could lead to a decline in popularity. For example, some designers may shift towards using web-based design tools that offer better collaboration capabilities or if a tool becomes cumbersome or unintuitive, designers may look for other tools that offer a more seamless and user-friendly experience. Cost is also something to consider, some tools require a paid or commercial license. While many designers find the cost of certain software to be reasonable, some may opt for a cheaper or free alternative if they feel that the cost is too high.


Sketch and Figma are both design software tools used for creating digital interfaces and user experiences. While Sketch has been around longer, Figma has emerged as a strong competitor in recent years, offering many similar features along with unique collaboration and sharing capabilities that Sketch may not have out of the box.


Both of these tools differ in cost. They both offer monthly subscription  pricing models. However, Figma allows for easy collaboration among team members, as multiple users under the same subscription can share projects and make real-time changes to designs. This feature has made Figma a popular choice for remote teams and those who require frequent collaboration out of the box.


Sketch has been a dominant player in the design software industry for years. However, Figma's market share has been rapidly growing, and it has gained a lot of traction among both Mac and PC users due to its cloud-based collaboration features and being platform agnostic and being able to be accessed from any browser.


The choice between Sketch and Figma seems like an easy one to me but it still depends on the specific needs and circumstances of the organization and team or individual, things like team size and budget play a role in this decision. While one tool might have its advantages over the others, Figma's cloud-based collaboration features and design system can be particularly useful for larger teams, and open collaborative projects without the need for third-party plugins for collaboration and/or prototyping that create an experience that is cumbersome, bloated and over-complicated, not to mention that Figma is a much more versatile tool and again, platform agnostic.

What are your thoughts, which design tool does your organization use and do you have a personal preference between the two?

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