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Episerver Just Rebranded as Optimizely

In order to compete in the new world, you must prioritize the creation of engaging, personalized, and optimized digital customer experiences. And with the new and improved Optimizely, you can now do so easily and affordably.

Following its acquisition of Optimizely in October 2020, Episerver announced this week it is rebranding under the Optimizely name. Here’s what the news means for prospects and customers. 

If there were any remaining doubts about the necessity of digital transformation, 2020 squashed them. In the pandemic and post-pandemic era, digital transformation is not just necessary for business success but critical to a company’s survival. 

As large corporations like Amazon and Walmart are growing at an unprecedented rate, the pressure on already challenged, smaller retailers to provide standout digital experiences is mounting. But rapidly and radically shifting consumer preferences and behaviors have made it increasingly difficult to determine what those experiences should be.


Personalized Digital Experiences are More Important Than Ever

Many B2B companies look to personalization technology to help create the engaging and relevant digital experiences today’s consumers demand. But even with technology in place, getting personalization right in these uncertain times is easier said than done. 

While traditional, rules-based personalization allows you to tailor experiences across different digital touchpoints based on several manually, pre-defined rules, the content displayed to visitors is based on very general criteria such as demographics or location. 

This approach has its limitations. It isn’t dynamic, for example. Rules must be set up and kept up to date manually. And this can be tedious and time-consuming for busy marketers. Focus segments must also be manually selected, which many marketers find impractical and difficult to scale, especially at a time when retailers need to move very quickly.

Predictive or intelligent personalization, on the other hand, leverages machine learning to dynamically tailor website content or product suggestions in real-time based on a visitor’s behavior on site. The use of predictive algorithms and access to integrated customer data enables marketers to develop deep insights into customer behavior and respond quickly with hyper-personalized experiences that drive customers to take action. 

While intelligent personalization is superior to rules-based personalization, some might argue that today, it still isn’t enough.


Episerver Became Optimizely to Transform Digital Experience Creation and Optimization

“We believe it’s no longer just about personalizing the experience or driving recommendations, said Alex Atzberger, CEO at Episerver/Optimizely. “The brand and word Optimizely really signifies optimal performance. Companies today of any size, any scale [need to be] much more sophisticated in terms of how they digitally connect with their customers. It’s a never-ending story.”

Episerver/Optimizely’s new Optimization-as-a-Service platform combines the power of the company’s best-in-class digital experience platform with robust experimentation capabilities to enable digital teams to be more intentional in their customer engagements and more agile in adapting to changing behaviors and markets.

The technologies work together to replace guesswork with evidence-based outcomes by giving marketers and merchandisers the ability to optimize design, content and offers through real-time experimentation to ensure every visitor always receives the best, most relevant, and personalized experience.


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Here’s What’s Possible with Optimization-as-a-Service 

The company’s new platform called Optimization-as-a-Service integrates proven aspects of Optimizely and Episerver to offer web targeting, testing, and recommendations. Customers who leverage the new platform can:

  • Create anything from layouts to messaging to promotions and customer journeys without delving into code or costly customizations
  • Create best-in-class digital experiences while continually optimizing each interaction in the most efficient way possible
  • Leverage experimentation to provide individually targeted content for every visitor, every time
  • Create and optimize content in one seamless and intuitive user-interface
  • Identify the combinations of audiences and offerings that convert visitors into customers

From our perspective, brands and retailers that leverage the new offering will find themselves at a distinct competitive advantage. 

In order to compete in the new world, you must prioritize the creation of engaging, personalized, and optimized digital customer experiences. And with the new and improved Optimizely, you can now do so easily and affordably.


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