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Top Powersports Wholesaler Drives B2B Conversions With New Ecommerce Experience

  • industry
    Wholesale - motorsports
  • location
    Texas, USA
  • employees
    501-1,000 employees

The Challenge

Long recognized for its fantastic customer service, a leading Powersports wholesaler found its online experience was falling short of customer expectations. While the company’s B2B portal was responsible for generating a large portion of its total annual revenue, the site was overly complex and largely customized, requiring personalized training sessions for customers and creating headaches for staff.

At the same time, the company was seeing an industry-wide shift in buyer personas. As more e-commerce players entered the Powersports market, the wholesaler would need to enhance its online experience to attract a new online generation and grow the business beyond its existing “mom and pop” and brick-and-mortar customer base.

The Solution

The company enlisted Nansen to help develop an entirely new B2B portal experience. Together, Nansen and the wholesaler’s marketing and customer service teams first created a Customer Advisory Council consisting of a wide range of customers from different categories. Understanding various users’ needs and different ways of working within the existing website structure would enable the team to design and build a website for four generations of users with vast differences in business mindset and technical acuity.

Data-driven approach

With a new IT team in-house and no way to access existing code, Nansen next worked diligently to re-build, enhance, and mimic existing features and functionality based on the Council’s imperative feedback. Throughout this process, Nansen also identified an opportunity to improve the way the company managed product information. Complicated pricing agreements, ad hoc discounting, and custom contracts presented a challenge, as the existing tech stack struggled to calculate pricing logic. As a result, the site was moved off of a modified ERP onto Episerver Commerce and tightly integrated with a new Product Information Management (PIM) solution.

Phased rollout

To ensure the success of the project and subsequent roll-out, Nansen took a strategic, phased approach to launch with target audiences divided by geography, product volume purchased, etc. Internal and external activation programs were developed with videos and other training materials to make certain all buyers were comfortable purchasing through the new portal.

The Results

The wholesaler’s new B2B website has been very well-received by all target audiences. Even with increased competition and industry disruptors, the wholesaler has seen improved conversion rates, higher transaction volume, and increased revenue since launch.

Centralizing product information within a PIM solution has accelerated internal workflows for launching new products and product lines, increasing the efficiency of the company’s marketing team and reducing the production time for industry-standard product catalogs from 11 to two months.

With the new Episerver-powered solution in place, the company is also well-positioned to continuously optimize and expand the B2B portal based on new innovation and analytics.

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