Seura Adopts Experience-Led Approach to Become a Category Leader

In an effort to improve its brand image and market position, Séura looked to enhance its digital experience for residential dealers. They partnered with Nansen to pinpoint challenges and explored the creation of a Product Configurator tool to streamline the ordering process. Utilizing a human-centric approach called “The Lab,” they developed a validated prototype that directly addressed Séura’s goals. By delivering the tool in phases, Séura ensured a quick return on investment and efficiently met the needs of their residential dealers.

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Experience-led Growth

The Challenge

Despite its innovative products and bespoke solutions, the Séura team recognized a gap in the company’s digital experience. They aimed to elevate the brand to category leader by showcasing its product range and unique benefits more effectively. Doing so would remove barriers to ownership for dealers, consumers, and specifiers.

The Process

Nansen began with a workshop to understand Séura’s vision for the digital customer experience. They identified a key pain point for residential dealers, who work with designers on high-end properties. The current paper-based ordering process hampered efficiency, especially when configuring Séura’s customizable products on-site. This sparked the idea of a Product Configurator Tool.

To effectively develop the tool, Séura and Nansen adopted a human-centric approach they called “The Lab.” This involved:

  • User Workshops: Identifying dealer pain points and opportunities, particularly around product configuration
  • Solution Prioritization: Selecting the most impactful problems to solve, including streamlining on-site configuration
  • Prototyping and Testing: Creating rapid prototypes of the configurator tool for usability testing and refinement
  • Key Findings and Functionalities: Summarizing critical insights to guide development of the configurator tool

This collaborative process ensured the final Product Configurator Tool directly addressed dealer needs for efficient product configuration and ordering.

The Solution

The sheer number of potential features for the Product Configurator presented a challenge. To ensure Séura focused on the most valuable functionalities, Nansen proposed a user research lab targeting residential dealers attending the CEDIA Expo. This initiative served a dual purpose. First, it allowed Séura to position itself as an industry innovator, actively driving progress in the digital customer experience. Secondly, and more importantly, it provided a platform to gather feedback from customers. By understanding dealer needs and challenges firsthand, Séura could prioritize features within the configurator that would have the greatest impact on streamlining the ordering process.

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The Result

The user research led to a validated prototype with a prioritized feature set for the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This MVP directly aligned with Séura’s business goals and provided a clear path forward. Nansen then translated the prototype into high-fidelity wireframes and estimated development costs.

Séura opted for a phased delivery approach, allowing them to:

  • See Fast ROI: Realize the benefits of the configurator within weeks/months with the MVP, versus waiting over a year for a full product
  • Ensure Dealer Focus: Continuously refine the configurator based on dealer feedback throughout development, guaranteeing a final product that truly meets their needs

This approach delivered a cost-effective solution that prioritized dealer needs and ensured a rapid return on investment for Séura.


Our Contribution

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  • Rapid prototyping
  • User testing
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Our Contribution

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