Road Scholar Increases Orders 8% YoY with Mobile Site Makeover

Struggling with low conversions on its mobile site despite rising traffic, Road Scholar partnered with Nansen to optimize its user experience. Through in-depth analysis, the team revamped key pages, checkout processes, and program details. The results were impressive: an 8% increase in orders and a 4.5% jump in average order value. This success story highlights the power of prioritizing user-centric mobile experiences for sustainable business growth.

Experience-led Growth

The Impact







The Challenge

Despite a large increase in mobile traffic, educational travel leader Road Scholar’s conversion rate remained stagnant. This troubling disconnect hinted at a subpar mobile experience hindering visitor engagement.

The Process

Faced with a disconnect between mobile traffic and conversions, Road Scholar partnered with Nansen to prioritize a user-centric mobile experience revamp.

"We were thrilled to see an increase in visitors to the website, but by using tools like Usabilla and tracking KPIs such as conversion rate, it was clear the user experience was lacking," said Mark Fagiano, senior e-commerce director at Road Scholar.

In a concerted effort to drive conversions, customer loyalty and revenue growth, Nansen proposed a strategic approach, focused on creating exceptional customer journeys across all touchpoints.

The Solution

The comprehensive approach prioritized:

  • A Deep Dive & Data-Driven Fixes: A thorough analysis using analytics tools and user interviews uncovered bugs, UI issues, and other areas for improvement. These insights fueled solutions to optimize the user journey.
  • Content for Informed Decisions: Nansen focused on enriching program pages with relevant content, making it easier for visitors to gather information and make confident choices, ultimately boosting engagement and conversions.
  • Frictionless Checkout: The complex, multi-step checkout process was streamlined into a user-friendly two-step flow. Combining login and checkout screens further simplified the process.
  • Visual Clarity for Program Pages: Critical updates were made to program pages. Image orientation, colors, fonts, and design were all optimized to improve the clarity of important information.

In the client's own words

"The entire experience has been collaborative and hyper-focused on helping us meet our goals."

Mark Fagiano, senior e-commerce director at Road Scholar

The Result

Road Scholar's focus on user experience paid off in a big way. Orders placed through the mobile site between May and June increased significantly by 8% compared to the same time last year. The average order value (AOV) also increased by 4.5%, indicating customers are engaging more deeply with the company's offerings.

The success of this data-driven approach to mobile optimization highlights the power of prioritizing user experience for sustainable business growth.


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