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Road Scholar Enhances Mobile User Experience to Boost Orders 8% YoY

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The Challenge

Road Scholar saw an increase in mobile traffic, but once visitors arrived on the site, the experience failed to meet their expectations.

"We were thrilled to see an increase in visitors to the website, but by using tools like Usabilla and tracking KPIs such as conversion rate, it was clear the user experience was lacking," said Mark Fagiano, senior e-commerce director at Road Scholar. To combat visitors' frustration and improve the overall mobile experience, the Road Scholar team sought to rework the navigation, make it easier for visitors to find the programs they were looking for, and simplify the checkout flow.

Road Scholar also struggled with how to position the mobile site moving forward—should Road Scholar optimize the website for conversions or information distribution to best meet the needs of prospective participants?

The Solution

Road Scholar partnered with Nansen to refresh the mobile site with a new and improved user experience that would educate visitors and drive more conversions. The collaboration involved a comprehensive approach, including:

  • An in-depth analysis: Nansen examined the existing site, employing analytics tools and user interviews to identify areas for improvement. The analysis revealed bugs, UI issues, and opportunities to enhance the site design.
  • Page optimization: Nansen recommended focusing on the site's ability to gather visitor information Road Scholar could use to download PDFs or engage with advisors, enriching the decision-making process with relevant content, improving visitor engagement, and encouraging conversions.
  • A simplified checkout process: Nansen created a plan to streamline the checkout process, minimizing clicks and pages to ensure a more intuitive user flow. They advised Road Scholar to reduce the complex four to five step checkout process to two steps, combining the login and checkout screens into a single modal.
  • Re-designed program pages: Nansen recommended critical updates to program pages to make important information more relevant and obvious. Image orientation, colors, fonts, and design were modified to better convey program details and improve visitor understanding.

"Our purchase cycle is very long—anywhere from six weeks to 18 months. And 50% of enrollments come through our website," said Mark Fagiano. "The more content and information we can provide to help motivate our visitors to enroll online, the more successful we'll be. The enhanced design files and updated user flows will help us meet these objectives and drive more conversions via our mobile site experience.

The Results

The re-launched mobile site is already driving impressive results with Road Scholar seeing 8% more orders placed from May to June, compared to the same time last year. The organization has also seen a 4.5% boost in average order value (AOV).

"The Nansen team has been great to work with," said Fagiano. "The entire experience has been collaborative and hyper-focused on helping us meet our goals. Their commitment to delivering a superior, user-centered mobile experience built on open communication makes them and ideal partner."

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