Re:wild Launches Powerful New Channel for Biodiversity Advocacy on Contentful

Re:wild is a global wildlife conservation organization focused on protecting biodiversity and preserving natural habitats. The nonprofit works to safeguard endangered species, restore ecosystems, and advocate for sustainable practices through conservation strategies, support for local communities, and collaboration with worldwide partners.

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The Challenge

When Re:wild launched its new brand in 2021, the team made the decision to move from WordPress to a more flexible and scalable CMS built for multichannel content delivery. They selected the Contentful headless CMS to build the new website showcasing their vital work in protecting biodiversity.

But a year into the project, the Re:wild team recognized the need for better guidance—a partner who truly understood the Contentful platform and could teach them how to use it more effectively.

"We had a very high volume of content and too many content types," said Carrie Hutchison, director of marketing and brand at Re:wild. "Our setup was complicated. We needed help reworking the content modeling in Contentful to make the website more user-friendly."

The Process

Hutchison and the team enlisted the help of a consultant to visualize different content types and how they map to each other. After working together on a relational model to simplify content management, he recommended a collaborative Slack channel where she might find Contentful developer resources to help Re:wild with user experience and more advanced Contentful functionality.

One Slack conversation with David Boland, technical lead at Nansen, later, and Hutchison was convinced Nansen was the partner to help her take the Re:wild digital experience to the next level.

"The Re:wild team is more creative than technical," said Hutchison. "I loved that my first conversation with Nansen was with a developer who could also speak layperson."

The Solution

Re:wild began working with Nansen in the fall of 2022. Together, they've already:

  • Fixed bugs and reduced the number of content types
  • Created a microsite model for campaigns and topical outreach
  • Seamlessly integrated other Re:wild systems, such as Qgiv and MailChimp
  • Redesigned the website for an improved user experience
  • Migrated site analytics to GA4 with education
  • Incorporated dynamic video content
  • Embedded story maps and survey tools to improve user engagement

"I can't say enough good things about the Nansen team," said Hutchison. "They provide wonderful support and guidance and take the time to make sure all decisions are well thought out and will work for everybody involved."

"The Nansen team is responsive to questions, gives good advice, fixes things when they're broken, and ultimately, gets the job done. Even better, I know I can put them in front of board members or Re:wild executives, and they will inspire confidence in what we're doing."

In the client's own words

"I loved that my first conversation with Nansen was with a developer who could also speak layperson."

The Result

By understanding and leveraging the inherent functionality in Contentful, Nansen was able to limit hard coding and excessive customization and give the Re:wild team more flexibility in how they manage the content on their website.

"The building blocks are now there for us to make the changes we want to make and test new things," said Hutchison.

Now in the maintenance phase of the initial project, the Re:wild team plans to shift their focus to creating engaging new content and optimizing around the user experience.

That includes:

  • Redesigning the homepage to elevate storytelling, prioritize campaign-based content, and drive traffic to the most important pages and CTAs
  • Exploring tools for heat mapping/click mapping to identify the most engaging content on the website, resurface buried content, etc.

"I can't emphasize enough how much I enjoy working with the Nansen team," said Hutchison. "I'm excited to get into the 'bells and whistles' phase of this project and see what's possible."


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