Nansen Solves E-Commerce Pain Points for Teledyne FLIR in 4 Weeks

Teledyne FLIR’s customers faced issues finding products online. In just four weeks, Nansen’s design sprint pinpointed user problems and created a streamlined prototype for a smoother buying experience.

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The Impact

Reduced time to Market

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The Challenge

Teledyne FLIR’s e-commerce platform suffered from a poor user experience. Key product details were hidden, making it challenging to grasp features and functionalities. And a disorganized product structure and clunky navigation frustrated customers searching for specific products. This resulted in excessive searching time and unnecessary strain on customer support, which was bombarded with basic product inquiries.

The Process

Nansen initiated a design sprint to run over the course of 4 weeks, where the aim was to understand user pain points, identify and document the needs of product verticals for educating interested customers, and build a prototype for users to make it easier to find, compare and choose appropriate products.

The team’s ambition was to really understand the users while keeping the scope to a minimum. The team performed a case study where they collected information and insights around three example personas.This uncovered detailed insights into specific user needs and pain points across different verticals and customer types.

The Solution

Shifting focus from product sales to problem-solving, Nansen strategized around three key areas to enhance the customer experience:

  • Preemptive User Experience (UX): By anticipating user intent and needs before they even interact with the site, Teledyne FLIR can provide a more relevant and efficient experience.
  • Content Personalization: Tailoring information depth to different user behaviors ensures everyone finds what they need, whether a detailed breakdown or a quick overview.
  • Intuitive Guidance: Insights revealed gaps in content relevance and depth. Addressing these issues will guide users effectively and eliminate frustration.

In the client's own words

The Result

The design sprint culminated in an interactive prototype showcasing solutions to core user problems. This prototype addressed navigation complexity, streamlined user journeys, and created a more unified and user-friendly experience through:

  • Revamped Navigation & Clear Categories: Users can now easily self-discover products through a reimagined navigation system and clear product categorization.
  • Accessible Product Information: Content caters to experienced and new users with easily digestible information.
  • Optimized Information Architecture: Existing product data (PIM) is leveraged to create a more intuitive information structure.
  • Guided Product Selection: A user-friendly tool helps customers find the right products quickly, with features like guided selection, spec comparisons, and clear calls to action (CTAs).

The Nansen team proposed a phased implementation roadmap using user testing and data collection for iterative improvement. To the client’s surprise, core concepts were implemented on the existing site, bypassing a complete redesign.


Our Contribution

  • Design sprint
  • Service design
  • UX design


Our Contribution

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