Nansen wins Optimizely innovation spotlight award

Optimizely (formally Episerver) introduced its new Partner Innovation Spotlight award at Optimizely Ascend 2018, the company’s annual user and partner conference. The Partner Innovation Spotlight called on partners to extend the use of Optimizely’s newest products in one of three key focus areas: Individualized Content, Experience-Driven Commerce, and Intelligent Campaigns.

Customer Experience

The Impact


Optimizely Innovation Spotlight Award



The Challenge

As a premium partner, Nansen accepted the challenge head-on, creating a simulation for a faux company, "Nansen Shoes", with the understanding that while shoes are popular in the world of online retail, they’re also a product consumers prefer to see, touch, and try-on before purchase.

The Process

Recognizing the importance of customer experience in today’s retail marketplace, Nansen sought to leverage Optimizely's best-in-class capabilities to create an engaging and integrated online and in-store experience for Nansen Shoes.

The Solution

The resulting solution obtains initial customer information before engaging with you online or via a mobile device. As customers enter the store, Optimizely and Bluetooth beacons work together to deliver an experience tailored to each unique buyer on both their mobile application and an in-store display, guiding each customer in their evaluation and ultimate purchase decision.

Seamless customer experience

Additional beacons placed in the physical shoes enable Nansen Shoes to provide relevant and contextual information on each product on an in-store display. In addition to creating a more seamless customer experience, this empowers the shoe retailer to capture additional information about their guests, expanding customer profiles and fueling future product recommendations and marketing campaigns. Final purchases can be made on-site via the customer’s mobile application, at which point targeted product recommendations are also made to encourage cross-sells and upsells.

"We have created a fully connected product experience that ties online action to in-store interactions and enables retailers to compile a single, unified digital profile. The more we know, the less we have to assume and the more tightly integrated we can help retailers become with customers to meet their real-life needs and wants", says Joe Grause, Chief Client Officer, Nansen

Bridging the gap

“Our team built a solution to a widespread retail business problem - bridging the gap between online and brick-and-mortar commerce. Over the course of several weeks, we built a simulated store and applied Bluetooth beacons, mobile apps, and a powerful combination of Optimizely products with a back-end system to showcase how to create a personalized and seamless experience across channels,” says David Boland, Senior Developer at Nansen.

In the client's own words

"Attendees recognized with Partner Innovation Spotlight wins have succeeded in the spirit of creativity and innovation that drives forward Optimizely’s vision and promise to its customer base."

Ed Kennedy, Senior Director of Commerce at Optimizely

The Result

Nansen approached the holy grail of retail - combining insight and attribution of shopper behavior and action across all touchpoints - to take home the top prize. Using a combination of Optimizely tools, beacon technology, and creativity, the Nansen team was able to offer Nansen Shoes customers a personalized, relevant, and differentiating experience while providing a single view of all customer interactions and generating valuable insights for the business.

“Our partners truly represent the best and brightest in the field of digital content, commerce, and marketing. The digital agencies and systems integrators we and Ascend attendees recognized with Partner Innovation Spotlight wins have succeeded in the spirit of creativity and innovation that drives forward Optimizely’s vision and promise to its customer base,” remarks Ed Kennedy, Senior Director of Commerce at Optimizely.


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