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Leading FinTech Company Pursues Incremental Innovation on Contentful-Powered Site

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The Challenge

A well-known and fast-growing financial technology (FinTech) company needed their digital platforms to stay on the bleeding edge of user experience design. Company leaders were looking for a partner agency that could help them move fast on innovative ideas and experiments on their website, which runs on Contentful.

The Solution

Nansen, a Contentful partner agency committed to delivering superior digital customer experiences, was a perfect choice. Soon, the FinTech clients and Nansen worked together to implement and build a redesign of the company’s website, kicking off what would become a close and productive long-term partnership.

From that initial project and through subsequent website improvements, Nansen has become deeply integrated with the client team. When stakeholders at the FinTech company come up with a new idea they want to try, they bring in Nansen to workshop and talk through the concept. Nansen then gathers the requirements for the new feature or experiment and informs the client team with best practices and recommended strategies or approaches, so that they can take that information back—and get buy-in. With support secured, Nansen then builds whatever the clients were looking for.

The Results

The brand’s partnership with Nansen empowers them to pursue incremental innovation on their website: bite-sized pieces of digital transformation, accomplished quickly and efficiently, that have a significant impact on the company’s customer experience. Because they can lean on Nansen as, essentially, their development team, and an extension of the client’s own digital marketing team, company leaders can continue to optimize the website in new and innovative ways to better serve their visitors and users.

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