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The Challenge

After working with Nansen to replatform its public-facing website from SharePoint to Episerver and later re-brand and re-launch an updated, responsive site for the company’s primarily mobile audience, a financial services firm set its sights on its next major digital priority. Company stakeholders proposed two new initiatives:

  1. With products sold through agents at various banks, a number of shareholders sought to create a B2B portal to help keep their products top of mind amongst partners.
  2. Other stakeholders identified a need to rebuild the company’s existing intranet in line with user types and expectations.

The firm enlisted Nansen to help determine which project would drive the greatest return on investment (ROI).

The Solution

To determine the best path forward, Nansen first led the firm in a Portal Design Sprint, a week-long exercise to help business stakeholders make the leap from initial business challenge to tangible outcome. To do this, the team collected information from each stakeholder to formulate a priority vs. effort matrix. Using this information, Nansen built a prototype of the proposed portal and shared it with all stakeholders. Stakeholders were encouraged to provide feedback on whether or not the resulting website would address the challenges discussed and meet user expectations.

Innovation Lab

Nansen also engaged the same team of stakeholders in an Intranet Innovation Lab to help the company identify and understand the needs of its employees. The lab included two onsite workshops - one designed to help stakeholders understand the user base and one to unearth their expectations and what various user types attempt to accomplish when they visit the intranet. From there, the Nansen team developed a detailed customer journey map, outlining the various user groups and the site structure that would best meet their needs.

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Realizing the Value

After reviewing the deliverables of each activity, the firm determined the Intranet project would provide the company with the most value and elected not to move forward with the proposed Portal project. Nansen was asked to deliver the information architecture for the company’s new employee intranet and measure the usage and activity over time to ensure it’s optimized to meet stakeholder expectations. The project is nearing completion and is expected to launch later this year.

The Results

Working with Nansen, the company eliminated a costly eight to ten-month development cycle that may or may not have generated the desired outcome and determined the best course of action for their business in one week. In addition to saving time, money, and resources, the firm was also able to reprioritize digital initiatives for reduced risk and maximum return on investment.

The new intranet is expected to increase both the efficiency and effectiveness of employees across the organization, resulting in higher job satisfaction, better customer engagement, and improved business outcomes.

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