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Opticon 2023: Diving Into The Future Of Digital

Opticon 2023, Optimizely's annual customer and partner conference kicks off on October 9th in San Diego, and we couldn't be more excited.

While last year's event brought an opportunity for reunions after the pandemic shutdown and the unveiling of Optimizely's post-merger plans with Episerver, this year, we're looking forward to a remarkable lineup of speakers, significant product announcements, and an even stronger focus on business impact and value.

Now that the full Opticon 2023 agenda is live, here’s a roundup of the sessions we’re most excited to join.

Our Can’t Miss Sessions at Opticon 2023 

In addition to the product roadmap sessions for Commerce, CMS, and Experimentation, you can find us at:

1. Partner Forum - Tuesday, October 10th at 11am

Session description: Available for Optimizely partners. Join this session to get a preview of the announcements and updates that will be launching at Opticon 2023.

Of course, we’re thrilled to get early access to announcements and updates that will launch throughout the conference. Attending this session means we’ll be among the first to learn about the new features, products, and strategies Optimizely plans to roll out this year. 

Gaining a deeper understanding of the latest Optimizely advancements and best practices in this session will enable us to better serve our clients with improved service offerings aligned with Optimizely's newest features and functionalities.

2. A Digitally Enabled Organization for Digital Commerce Success - Wednesday, October 11th at 12:15pm

Session Description: Many digital transformations in B2B begin with an ecommerce project. That’s because the ecommerce channel is a natural revenue source. Ironically, most ecommerce ROI calculations don’t capture the full picture of organizational outcomes and value generated. However, once the ROI model is refined, a new picture emerges: one where ecommerce drives more value than originally considered. The enhanced ROI model can create momentum, moving a B2B company faster toward a digitally enabled organization. In this session, we will explore a framework for strategy formulation and elaborate on an ROI model to help define and measure value generation from digital initiatives. Using examples, we will contextualize the model in suggesting various ways to adapt it depending on organizational specificities. We will further illuminate how the same framework can be applied to identify opportunities for differentiation and disruption, further nurturing the backlog of the digitally mature and enabled organization. Finally, a summary and takeaways for future C-suite planning will be provided to attendees. 

As a longtime Optimizely partner, we’re invested in helping our clients gain the highest return on investment from their Optimizely solutions. We’re also keen to help prospective B2B clients, including many B2B manufacturers who haven’t been as quick to digitally transform their businesses, understand how Optimizely can drive more ROI for their organizations.

This session promises to help us improve our ability to measure and communicate the strategic value of Optimizely. Every client is unique, and we often need to tailor solutions and adapt strategies depending on individual client needs and expectations, so we are especially interested in learning how to contextualize the ROI model for different scenarios. 

Exploring how to apply the same framework to identify different opportunities for differentiation and disruption will help us advise our B2B clients on how to stand out and thrive in their respective markets.

3. Unlocking Millions of Additional Revenue: How to Navigate the What, Where, and Why of Testing - Wednesday, October 11th at 12:45pm

Session description: Throughout a testing program, it can be difficult to know where to start, what is a priority and why you should focus on a particular area over another. Getting these right are key to prioritizing the most valuable tests and maximizing the return on investment of experimentation from the start. 

Optimizely Strategy MVP Polly Walton reveals the practical secrets behind experimentation for New Era Cap, Chilly’s, and other leading brands that are turning the dial on their bottom line.

Join us as we explore the three golden rules for maximizing commercial impact of your experimentation.

The best knowledge comes from experience, so it should be no surprise we’re looking forward to hearing how Polly Walton has helped leading brands like New Era Cap master strategic experimentation for improved business results. 

Helping our clients make data-driven decisions to ensure the resources they invest in testing and automation translate into increased revenue and other desired outcomes is a top priority for the Nansen team. We’re always looking for new experimentation knowledge to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our client’s testing programs and that’s what this session promises to deliver.

4. Anticipating the Future of B2B Commerce: Top Trends and Insights - Wednesday, October 11th at 1:30pm 

Session description: In this session, we explore the dynamic landscape of B2B commerce, focusing on the emerging trends that are reshaping the industry. With a wealth of experience in supporting digital transformation initiatives, Optimizely stands ready to equip our customers with the tools and solutions they need to thrive in the evolving marketplace. Join us as we share valuable insights gained from assisting thousands of businesses, unveiling the challenges they face, and the strategies we’ve developed to overcome them.

Sessions about trends and insights are always so interesting and give us a lot to take away, digest, and apply to our clients’ strategies in the year ahead. This session on emerging trends reshaping the B2B commerce landscape is no exception. 

We’re eager to hear about the real-world challenges B2B businesses are facing right now and learn from their experience solving them. 

5. Google and Optimizely: Sneak Peek at an AI-powered future - Wednesday, October 11th at 1:30pm 

Session description: The rise of AI is empowering marketing and digital teams to work faster, innovate more, and transform their customers’ digital experiences. In this fireside chat, hear from Google Cloud’s Dr. Ali Arsanjani on the possibilities of generative AI for digital marketing and how Google Cloud and Optimizely are partnering to help businesses use AI to make data-driven decisions and scale their digital experiences. 

Join this session to learn more about:

  • Responsible AI for the Enterprise
  • Use cases that are driving Optimizely and the market
  • The future of AI and the changing technical landscape

Talk about Generative AI is everywhere right now. It has the power to elevate or destroy your business, depending on whether or not you use it responsibly. We are interested to hear the most productive use cases for this transformational technology and how and where it fits into everything we’re already doing to optimize our clients’ digital experiences.

We hope the session delves into the importance of ethical and responsible AI usage within enterprises and touches upon issues related to data privacy, fairness, and transparency in AI applications.

We’ll look to this session to gain insights into real-world use cases that benefit Optimizely customers and drive trends in the market.

6. Reduce Risk & Fail Faster: Embedding Experimentation Across the Entire Product Development Lifecycle  - Wednesday, October 11th at 1:30pm

Session description: While product teams are constantly under pressure to optimize user experiences, resource constraints and time-sensitive commitments can make the addition of extra steps seem counterproductive. However, going fast without checking the direction can easily take you off-course. In this session, we’ll provide practical insights on integrating experimentation across the entire delivery lifecycle, so that you can focus on getting to the right place, faster.

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t feel the pressure to continuously optimize our clients’ digital experiences. The world is changing so quickly and we’re only human after all. 

We’ll count on this session to discuss how to:

  • Seamlessly integrate experimentation into all phases of development, from planning to testing
  • Balance speed and quality
  • Use experimentation to identify and mitigate risk earlier in the development process

7. Strategic Decision-Making: A Value-Based Approach to Prioritizing Outcomes and Measuring Performance - Wednesday, October 11th at 2:30pm

Session description: *Hands-on workshop* It’s well-known and widely accepted that software generates massive value. It can engender nearly limitless outcomes for a business and enhance nearly any goal. With limitless applicability but limited time and resources, though, how do companies choose what to point it at? Software is a powerful tool, but how is one to know where to direct that power? With this workshop on strategic decision-making, we’ll review methods to identify potential outcomes and prioritize them based on projected returns to take the guesswork out of software usage. We’ll also practice methods to define and measure the success of the results of an initiative to drive continuous prioritization, refinement and learnings. The workshop will be a hands-on, interactive session making use of real-life examples by the end of which participants will understand how to accurately predict returns and measure results of software initiatives.

At Nansen, the name of the game is continuous learning and optimization. But with so much to do at any given time, identifying where to optimize and when is often easier said than done. This session promises to help attendees more accurately predict the potential returns associated with different initiatives and strategically prioritize them based on the insights. 

We’re excited to work with real-life examples, allowing for practical application of the concepts discussed.

8. Beyond Basics: Advanced Techniques for A/B Experiment Architectures - Thursday, October 12th at 12pm 

Session description: This session seeks to elevate attendees’ understanding and proficiency in creating and deploying A/B testing infrastructure.

As a longstanding partner, we live and breathe Optimizely. And when there’s an opportunity to sharpen or learn new skills, we jump on it. This session on advanced techniques is sure to uplevel what we already know about creating and deploying A/B testing infrastructure. 

We can’t wait to dive into the intricacies of A/B testing setup and execution and apply everything we learn—from crafting more effective hypotheses to designing experiments that yield actionable results —to our clients' experiments post-event.

9. Optimizely and the Composable Opportunity - Thursday, October 12th at 1:15pm 

Session description: Discover through a live demo by architects from Vercel and Optimizely, how to integrate Vercel’s Frontend Cloud (the head) to your Optimizely headless stack. See firsthand how the joint solution can prioritize not only the marketer, but also the developer and end user experience, where high performance is the default.

If you know us, you know we geek out over headless technology. We’re excited to dive into the Optimizely-Vercel integration to see how we can potentially improve the marketer, developer, and end user experience all at once. 

Attend this one with us if you’re interested in the broader concept of composable architecture in modern web development.

10. Digital Mean Girls: Analyzing and Transforming Your Customer’s Digital Experiences - Thursday, October 12th at 3:15pm

Session description: *Hands-on workshop* Inspired by the Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams epic movie. Together, we’ll dive deep into your website to identify what’s not working and discover opportunities for improvement. Through hands-on exercises and group discussions, we’ll explore various aspects of the customer experience, such as usability, navigation, messaging, and design. Drawing inspiration from the film’s themes, we’ll uncover ways to eliminate digital “cliques” and create a more inclusive and engaging online environment for your customers. Our expert facilitators will guide you through the process of analyzing user behavior, identifying pain points, and brainstorming innovative solutions. By leveraging real-world examples and best practices, you’ll gain valuable insights into how to enhance user satisfaction and drive conversion rates. 

On Thursday, we’ll wear pink.

We love early 2000s pop culture phenomena almost as much as hands-on workshops. If you’ve been following our updates from the Nansen Product Lab, you know we’re not strangers to getting our hands dirty to figure out new and innovative ways to help our clients achieve better business results. 

This session presents a fun and unique opportunity to view web design and development through a new lens and ultimately create a UX that converts more visitors into customers—something we take very seriously.

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