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Introducing Optimizely Graph: Revolutionizing the Way We Query Our Content

Optimizely Graph is here, and it's set to revolutionize the way we query our content. With its cutting-edge features, Graph opens up a world of possibilities for how your organization manages its content.

The Power of Graph

Graph is a new SaaS service based on GraphQL that allows you to search, query, and deliver content anywhere. Optimizely Graph helps you and your organization move to a more composable architecture by making your content more accessible and reusable.

Key Features and Benefits

1. Based on GraphQL

Optimizely Graph is powered by GraphQL, an open-source data query language. A unique schema is generated for every site that syncs its data to the service, and is made available to query.

2. Semantic Search

With semantic search, AI is leveraged to understand the meaning behind your keywords. For example, in standard search “The Windy City” might not return any results, but with semantic search it will know what you are looking for is Chicago.

3. External Data Sources

Not only does Graph allow you query data from your CMS, you can also sync and query data from external sources. This allows you to link data from multiple sources and query them from a single endpoint.

How It Works

As you publish content in the CMS, GraphQL API generates a schema based on the content that was synchronized. Each site has its own schema based on content types. Content gets pushed out to Cloudflare CDN and is available on the edge nodes, which ensures performant querying.

For external data, you will need to define your content types via API. You will need to make sure your content is an a specific format, jsonl, before you sync. You can then push it to the Graph via the API.

From there you can query the API using your API keys. You can even access an interactive GraphQL page for helping you build custom queries within the CMS.

In addition to standard querying, you can also search your content. Search is available on all properties that you define as “searchable” in the CMS. You can perform standard search by default, and semantic search by changing the value of _ranking in OrderBy to SEMANTIC.

Get Started with Optimizely Graph

To leverage the Graph, first you need to install the Optimizely.ContentGraph.CMS package in your CMS solution. This will allow you to synchronize the content types and content. Finally, you need to add your API keys to your config files. Details on app configs can be found in the Optimizely documentation.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to leverage Optimizely Graph in your solution. Graph is now available for beta testing, and you can sign up through Optimizely. If you have any questions about how Optimizely Graph can benefit your organization, feel free to reach out to us at Nansen.

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