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Episerver’s Recent Acquisitions of Idio and Insite Deliver Big Things for Your Digital Experience

Learn how Episerver’s recent acquisitions of Idio and Insight help customers enhance the digital experience and close the value gap for B2B and B2C visitors.

You’ve probably noticed your buyer has changed. Whether B2B or B2C, today’s consumers demand more from their interactions with your brand. (You can thank mega-brands like Amazon, Uber, and Netflix for that.) So how, regardless of your size or status, can you enhance the digital experience to meet increasing buyer expectations and drive more revenue? Episerver’s latest acquisitions of Insite and Idio can help. 


Episerver Acquires Idio and Insite To Foster Improved Digital Experiences

At the end of last year, Episerver made two major acquisitions. In November, the company acquired Idio, a content personalization and analytics platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver relevant 1:1 buying experiences on a global scale. Idio’s technology reduces the burden of manual personalization on business users by automatically indexing, analyzing, and categorizing unstructured content data into a structured content hub. 

The following month, Episerver announced its acquisition of Insite, a B2B commerce leader. According to Episerver, Insite caters to the “unique needs of an underserved market”, helping manufacturers and distributors “transform their business through its purpose-built solutions, deep domain expertise, and strong emphasis on customer success and collaboration.”

What do these acquisitions have in common? Combining the power of each of these solutions with Episerver’s existing, customer-centric content and commerce capabilities will inevitably help Episerver customers close the Value Gap and drive more revenue. 


Improve Your Digital Experience To Close the Value Gap

“The Value Gap” is the growing divide between what buyers expect and what brands can currently offer. To close the gap, you need to enhance your digital experience to meet or even exceed buyer expectations. Here’s how using Episerver in conjunction with Insite or Idio can help you get there.

Customers Prefer Personalization

They also buy more, more often when it’s implemented. Think of Amazon - when you log in to your account, what’s the first thing you see? Deals recommended for you and products inspired by your wish list. But while 77% of marketers believe real-time personalization is critical, 60% of marketers struggle to execute personalization in real-time. 

Idio, now called Content Recommendations, takes the manual effort and guesswork out of personalization with powerful tools to help any marketer assess their content, set goals, and autonomously personalize the content on their site for each individual visitor. You don’t have to struggle to define segments or select content, the solution does it for you in real-time.

It’s broken down into two parts - website/content analytics and AI/Machine Learning-based content personalization. Right now, Episerver is offering the first part, Content Diagnostics, for free, making it easier than ever to measure the relevance and impact of your existing content. And because this is a third-party acquisition, the technology will work for anyone, regardless of if you’re using Episerver’s CMS or e-commerce platforms.

Insider Tip: We believe clients should have at least 30 pieces of content to derive value from Episerver’s Content Recommendations solution.

B2B Customers Want a B2C Experience

It’s no secret that the manufacturing and distribution industries have traditionally lagged in adopting a digital mindset. But to stay competitive, they must digitally mature and now, amidst a global pandemic, do it quickly. In 2020, B2B buyers behave like consumers. They’ve grown accustomed to standout digital experiences in their personal lives and expect the same when purchasing on behalf of their businesses. 

As manufacturers and distributors feel increasing pressure to provide streamlined digital experiences for customers or even incorporate a B2C or D2C component into their overall growth strategy, Insite can help streamline digital transformation with product information management (PIM), analytics, mobile and product catalogs, and an integrated ERP in one platform designed to make transactions easier for both buyers and sellers. 

When combined with Episerver’s advanced content tools and personalization suite, the solution becomes even more powerful for B2B companies.

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