Day Two at UXLx

Day Two at UXLx

Day to of workshops from the user experience conference UXLx

Day Two at UXLx

June 7, 2014

After the first day we were all pretty excited for the following day; again filled with various workshops.

“Designing with Data” with Brian Suda 

A condensed version of the very same book by Brian, now in a workshop format. An introduction to charts, examples of how--or not--to lie using charts and tell a story with data visualisation.
A good combination of introduction, inspiration and exercises emphasising the width of solutions possible; all depending on what story you want to tell.

“From UX Designer to Product Leader” with Bill DeRouchey

“Don't think of it like a UX career. It changes over time, think more of it like a skill, approach or philosophy.”

Bill showed in his workshop the importance of universal skills rather than having specific UX skills. The key is to practice owning that product before you actually get that big promotion.

“Collaborative Research” with Erika Hall

All too often, critical design and business decisions are based on internal assumptions rather than how the world actually works. When you have to move quickly and collaboratively, how do you make sure that you and your team have the information you need to to design and build a new product or service that delights your target users and meets your business goals? Research can be much faster and more flexible than you might imagine.

As a group working in the same direction it is very important with a shared reality view. To know what the users need and what goals the customer has.  Research saves time and money! It can be expensive for a company to develop something that the users does´t want...

Everybody lies! It´s difficult working with people. What they say is not always what they do because of fear. Fear of losing control. Fear of looking bad in from of other people.

“Brand-Driven Content Strategy” with Margot Bloomstein

The importance of defining why a client needs a  blog and how your using your blog is very important in terms of content strategy. Megan introduced the attendees to a process where the client invest a lot in time/work themselves to define the content strategy, later used to define a message architecture. Loads of inspiring examples throughout the presentation in combination with hands-on exercises. And the team got a chance to see Giovanni as a CEO for a multinational bank. Let’s just say we’re all hoping Gio will stay at Nansen.




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Day Two at UXLx

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