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Day One at UXLx

Summary of workshops we attended on day one of the user experience conference UXLx.

June 5, 2014

The capital of Portugal and one of the oldest cities in the world, is now also hosting Andreas Nymark, Alexandra Nelson, Giovanni Vivanco and Susanna Averpil from the Stockholm office. From 4–6 June we’re here to attend a user experience conference, filled with workshops and talks from a variety of perspectives. The first two days consist of two workshops each day. The last day is filled with inspiring talks by Mike Monteiro, Kate Rutter and Jared Spool amongst others.

Here’s a summary of workshops we attended day one at UX Lisbon:

“Design-led innovation” with Steve Baty


“If there’s anything you should take from this workshop it is that we assume things to be true. Assume nothing.”

Steve combined inspiring examples with group exercises to help the attendees find ways to innovate in a broader sense. From pin-pointing industry clichés to generate innovative and challenging ideas and how to focus on what the competitors aren’t doing.

“The Workshop Workshop” with Ross Unger

Besides winning a book for the best group name–“The Team Team”–the workshop was laid out to help and introduce each attendee on how to facilitate a super-slim workshop. From the importance of planning and agendas, to the qualities of a facilitator and how to help a group keep track and move forward in a process.

“Designing with lean UX” with Kate Rutter

Kate gave us tools to use Lean Startup principles with fun methods. The workshop contained a few steps to make a low-fi product concept by envision, experiment and then share it with the rest of the group. By using this methods, it was quite easy to understand if the product concept would make it or not.

Next we’ll write about day two, where we attended workshops such as “Designing with Data” and “From Designer to Product Leader”.

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