We are a Gold Sponsor for Ascend 2019

Ascend is Episerver's annual partner and customer conference in Miami from October 27th - 29th. It is a fantastic way to learn and network. 



What is Episerver Ascend?

Episerver Ascend 2019 brings together the Episerver community of digital marketers, developers, and e-commerce leaders to share their strategies for driving growth through digital transformation.

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This year we have FOUR exciting talks:


Robert Carter - Conversion Rate Optimization


The conversion rate optimization lab is intended for developers, marketers, or anyone else in an organization that wants to get started with conversion rate optimization and A/B testing. You may have heard about testing simple things like the color of a button, but how can you approach website optimization once you've picked the low-hanging fruit? We will work through frameworks for thinking about user psychology, experience, and design to uncover testable hypotheses for running winning A/B tests.

Join us in the Marketing Labs Track, Tuesday October 29th at 2.10PM


Arnold Macauley - Create an Engaging Experience using Blocks


How do we ensure customers and consumers promote our brand over our competition? Whether we are focused on B2B or B2C, one thing that is clear is that to achieve this we should look to enable our customers and consumers to build a relationship with us resulting in them becoming an ambassador for our brand or product.  In order to do this when our customer is interacting with us online, we need to keep them engaged by showcasing the right content at the right time.

In this lab, we explore how through utilizing Episerver blocks we can create an engaging customer experience by showing our customer the right content for where they are in their customer journey.

Join us in the Marketing Labs Track, Tuesday October 29th at 1.00PM


David Boland - Machine Learning with Episerver


In this talk David will be discussing how Microsoft is working to make machine learning tools more accessible with their Azure Machine Learning Service and the ML.NET library. He will discuss and demonstrate how we can look to start leveraging these new features within our Episerver implementations, and what we can look forward to in the future regarding machine learning in our web applications.

Join us in the Product Track, Monday October 28th at 3.30PM


Build a simple PWA with Episerver

image3kk6p.pngIn this talk Arnold and David will go into detail about the benefits of PWAs and how they help improve a site's Reliability, Speed, and Engagement.  In this lab, they will talk you through some tools and techniques for integrating them into your site.

Join us in the Developer Labs Track, Monday October 28th at 1.50PM

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