The Nansen Awesome Premium Conference 2022: Innovation, Education, Inspiration

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After so many months spent physically separated and with new team members coming on board, spending quality time together was just what our team needed. This felt like the perfect year to bring back the Nansen Awesome Premium Conference.

Introducing Our New Business Division: Fridtjof Labs

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We’re so excited to talk about Fridtjof Labs, a new division we’re introducing that will sit alongside our Agency Services and help power our efforts to deliver cutting-edge work into the future. But before we get into the details about Fridtjof Labs, it will help to take a quick trip into the past.

Meet Nansen’s Sr. UI/UX Luis Hernández

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Luis Hernández brings the same style of creative energy to his work as a Nansen UI/UX designer as he does to the hands-on upgrades he’s making to his car and motorcycle at home. Here, Luis explains how he got into back-end design and why e-commerce is headed down a very sci-fi path.

7 B2B E-commerce News Sources We Love


At Nansen, we believe in helping our customers meet the demands of today’s B2B e-commerce customers while driving innovation for the buyers of tomorrow, so keeping on top of the latest news, insights, and opportunities is essential.

Discover the “Hidden Gem” of Chicago, According to Nansen Apprentice Shawn Coleman

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Here, Shawn shares his hopes that Nansen will expand its AI capabilities, explains the Unreal Engine, and shares his secret spot for outdoor activities in Chicago.